Bulk SMS

Do you want to increase your customers and improve upon your customer loyalty? Are you worried about how to get your promotional messages across to your clients? Do you want to increase your business revenue? Then look no further, the best solution is here. Just signup to our Bulk SMS platform and all these will be things of the past. Our Bulk SMS platform makes it possible to send SMS messages to your clients and business partners on the fly. Use our platform to build that cordial business relationship between your company and your clients and business partners.


  1. Sending of Bulk SMS to customers or clients
  2. SMS Scheduling.
  3. Sending of messages from excel contact list
  4. Adding of Groups
  5. Group Messaging
  6. Excel Messaging
  7. SMS Customization
  8. Contacts importation by excel

Sending of Bulk SMS to Customers or Clients

With our robust and user friendly Bulk SMS platform, you can send SMS messages to your clients and customers. With this, you can convert that floating customers into a loyal customers and increase your revenue.

SMS Scheduling

With the SMS Scheduling part of the Bulk SMS Application, messages due customers can be scheduled and delivered automatically as and when the administrator wishes.

Sending of Messages from excel contact list

With this feature, one can send SMS to mobile phone numbers listed in an excel file and the message will be delivered to them accordingly.

Adding of Groups

You can create groups and add your customers to them; this makes it easy for you to know the category of customers to send the messages to.

Group Messaging

This feature makes it possible for you to select from among list of groups that you can send SMS messages to. You can send messages to all the group members or only some of them.

Excel Messaging

With Excel Messaging, messages can be sent from excel file. All the phone numbers and other necessary information that is to be included in the message can be contained in the excel file.

SMS Customization

This feature makes it possible for the names of the clients, customer, business partners and any other contacts to be included in the messages delivered to them. The sender can decide to include the first name or the last name or the full names of them.

Contacts Exportation by excel

This feature also makes it possible for details or personal information about clients, customers, or any other contacts information to be imported to the system by excel. An excel file containing information about the clients and customers can be imported into the system making it more convenient and less stressful having to enter each members details one after the other.

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